A proud family business

On January 2, 1981, Günther Weber founded the company Weber Fleischereitechnik GmbH in Breidenbach, Germany. Coupling innovative strength with application know-how, we have been setting new standards in the development of slicing line solutions ever since. After a formally announced transition in 2018, the 1.500-employee company is now second generation led by Guenther Weber’s son, Tobias.

The journey begins

A lot has happened since 1981: Today we are well known as a system provider, supplying outstanding line solutions for sliced meat production. However, our origin as a company lies in the manufacturing of derinding and skinning machines, so-called skinners. Although these were established in the market already in 1981 and not a product novelty, it was Günther Weber who revolutionized the industry in terms of hygiene, manufacturing the first skinner made of stainless steel. Even early skinning machines impressed meat-processing customers with our special Weber automatic cutting system. Today skinners remain an integral part of our product portfolio, continuing to gain ground.

Growing together

This development is not only reflected in our product portfolio. Our external appearance has also changed. Whether it's out of a caravan, as in our early days, or with a large, modern trade show presence - at IFFA, the largest tradeshow in our industry, we have always listened carefully to our customers. We recognize that our challenges are shared. As our trade show presence has evolved, so have our customers' needs and our solutions.

Working together in partnership, growing together, is our focus and, while we maintain this digitally in the current state, we are hopeful to soon engage personally again at trade shows and on site. Together with our customers, we continue to write the company's history and combine tradition and quality with innovation and progress.

Writing history together

I look with pleasure on my first IFFA in 1992: it was with great excitement that we presented an automatic infeed line for the first time at a booth that was far too small.

Today we are a complete line solution provider and look forward to presenting our latest solutions to you at IFFA 2022.

For me it will be the last big trade fair in my active professional life. I am therefore looking forward to meeting you again personally on site.


Your Theo Horst

The Slicer Revolution - when vision becomes reality

In 1986, Weber turned the slicing machine market upside down: made entirely of stainless steel and with a completely new understanding of hygiene, the computerized Slicer CCS 7000 was presented. It’s capacity surpassed all machines on the market at the time.

The first Slicer CCS 7000 went to Switzerland for slicing Swiss ‘Bündnerfleisch’ (a Swiss specialty). Not an easy task to tackle but the Weber slicer was able to do something that no one had been able to do before: namely, cut the Swiss specialty cleanly. To slice this hard meat into fine thin slices at the appropriate speed equaled a quantum leap in slicing technology. It was nothing less than the beginning of a success story that has continued over the years. The company's development from 1986 to our leading position in the market today was the logical consequence of this technical masterpiece.


25 years of Weber Inc.

We did not do it alone. It has been 25 years since Norbert Mühlich established our first international sales organization in Kansas City. Through his pioneering work, Weber was able to make a name for itself in North America.

Jarrod McCarroll was able to successfully build on this and has been offering the perfect portion to our North American customers ever since.

An international family

Our family business has also developed rapidly internationally. Despite the distance, or perhaps because of it, there is a family-like cohesion worldwide. This warm culture becomes almost tangible when you watch the following video, in which employees from our 15 subsidiaries warmly congratulate founder Günther Weber and today's CEO Tobias Weber on their anniversary. 40 years is a milestone.

Milestone blade factory

Another milestone was our first own blade factory! Despite numerous development ideas, it wasclear which oneswe had to implement next, because:

"A slicer is only as good as its blade". With our own blade factory, we were able to expand our competence and develop completely new solutions for our customers! Today, 830 quality knives made of stainless steel leave our highly automated factory in Groß Nemerow, Germany monthly.

10 years TEXTOR

As we do not rest on our successes, 10 years ago the company TEXTOR with the slogan smart & easy was founded. The goal was to make an offer to our customers on basis of an alternative concept. Today, 10 years later TEXTOR is way more than just an alternative. With the know-how of weber and own development slicer were designed which are now the perfect choice for several applications within a Weber line solution. The rapidly increasing sales figures in recent years underline the popularity of the TEXTOR slicer.

New Systems, new markets

Setting the course for tomorrow today also means opening up new markets. The development of the Weber ShuttleSystem enabled a new flexibility - not only with regard to spatial conditions. We can implement completely new applications through new systems. From sandwiches to pizzas - as soon as you want sliced sausage, cheese, fish or vegetables in a finished product, we have a solution.


Multiple sandwiches require maximum spatial flexibility.

Convenience Food

It doesn’t matter if ready-meal, pizza or other products, the possibilities of our applications are almost unlimited when it comes to slicing, topping and onward transport.

Packaging completes the portfolio

Development is crucial for us, as we want to be able to offer our customers solutions from a single source. 2017 thus was a groundbreaking year for us: thanks to the merger with a renowned packaging machine manufacturer, thermoformers now complement our portfolio. Packaging was the missing piece in Weber's portfolio and has enabled us to offer, as a single source supplier, complete line solutions, from product preparation to inspected primary packaging.

With this, a rapid development took place: just two years later, we launched the first Weber packaging machine, the wePACK 7000. In developing the wePACK 7000, we focused unconditionally on our customers' requirements. The result: the perfect packaging machine for sliced products.

With flexible complete line solutions at your side

We have listened to you and understand that it is not just about building the best slicer, it's about providing a flawless, value-added solution that suits your needs. Offering complete line solutions for us is not only about having the right machines in the range. It is about understanding your challenges and needs and responding as flexibly as possible. For 40 years it has been our drive to turn individual needs into solutions.


Dear customers, dear suppliers, dear partners, dear friends, and dear employees,

without you, 40 years of high-tech love would not have been possible. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to the next 40 years full of innovations, solutions, and special moments.

Your Tobias Weber